Top 9 generative AI tools to redefine your content creation

Top 9 Generative AI Applications and Tools

As programmers type code in their preferred code editor, it uses OpenAI’s Codex to propose code snippets. GitHub Copilot transforms natural language prompts into coding suggestions across dozens of languages. These AI chatbot tools offer diverse functionalities to enhance content creation efficiency, accuracy, and creativity across various industries and applications. Tools like GitHub Copilot, TabNine, and others have proven invaluable by enhancing developer productivity, efficiency, and the overall coding experience. user feedback highlights significant time savings of 80-99% over manual coding with high-quality generated code. Features like responsive previews and exporting modular code are user favorites.

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How AI Is Supercharging Financial Fraud–And Making It Harder To ….

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The built-in editor offers all the effects, transitions, and animations you might need. Generative models like ChatGPT can help auditors automate repetitive tasks, such as paperwork and reports. Specifically, it can produce standardized reports (such as in the figure below) that offer consistency in how findings are presented. Generative AI can be used to generate contracts based on pre-defined templates and criteria. This can save time and effort for procurement departments and help to ensure consistency and accuracy in contract language.

Best AI Tools for Coding

The issues of data scarcity, privacy, and bias are overcome by skilled engineers, accelerating the creation and application of AI solutions. The outline of top generative AI examples provides insights into the numerous capabilities of generative AI. It can help you create text content, images, music, and a whole film if you want to. On the other hand, you can also rely on generative AI to improve efficiency in code generation. You should also notice how generative AI can help in creating unique artwork and generating voice from text. Learn more about the different trends which will dominate the world of generative AI in future to use the applications of generative.

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DALL-E 2 has made a huge splash because of its advanced capabilities and the first mainstream AI art generator of its kind. However, there are plenty of other AI image generators on the market that can suit all different needs through their unique services. Another interesting entry among the use cases of generative AI points to the applications of AI for creating music. You can find an ideal answer to such questions in the top generative AI use cases for music generation.

Best AI text generator for a non-GPT option

And we’re here to help by bringing you everything you need to know about the 50 best tools and software for productivity. Creating realistic pictures, films, and sounds, generating text, developing goods, and helping in developing medicines and scientific research are just a few examples of real-world uses for generative AI. ChatFlash is an AI generative tool that helps us to create content through a chat option. Users upload videos in Type Studio, and it does the heavy lifting, including transcribing spoken words into text, so there is no need to edit videos with a timeline. It is a cloud-based collaborative audio or video editor by a company named Descript in San Francisco.

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It has more than 60 content modules to support skill levels ranging from business user to developer, analyst and data scientist. Modules cover prompt engineering basics, applied prompting, reliability, image prompting, prompt hacking, tooling and prompt tuning. Learn Prompting also sponsors a prompt hacking competition to enhance AI safety and education. Class Central is a learning content aggregation directory with courses from numerous universities and institutions, as well as more than 80 providers. It currently includes more than 2,700 free courses on generative AI and another 1,900 paid courses that come with a certificate upon completion.

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Some examples of AI-generated videos include product or service explainer videos, advertising campaigns for social media, or television broadcasting. Additionally, video enhancement, localization, and editing are other capabilities that synthetic media generation simplifies. GenAI startups also build models to analyze video and gather viewer behavior and sentiment data to improve content effectiveness. Speech synthesis or text-to-speech (TTS) conversions empower voice assistants, chatbots, and other voice-interactive services.

Now that you know what a generative AI model is, you may want to know what models exists out there. However, let me stress the concept that a model is just a way of selecting which neurons to use, and how to arrange them. If you are a computer scientist specialized in AI, you may be able to create your own model from scratch, or even your own neurons. To perform image generation, you’ll need to create an account on Eden AI for free. Then, you’ll be able to get your API key directly from the homepage with free credits offered by Eden AI. Other providers, however, perform better in varying styles depending on the input given.

It can be used to load datasets, perform transformations, and analyze data using Python libraries like pandas, numpy, and matplotlib. You can ask ChatGPT Code Interpreter to perform certain analysis tasks and it will write and execute the appropriate Python code. One of the most straightforward uses of generative AI for coding is to suggest code completions as developers type.

  • After your 30-day free trial ends, you can opt for paid plans starting from $29/month.
  • This type of image is created by a computer program rather than a human, and can take many different forms such as painting, drawings, art, etc.
  • Or personalizing the display options according to customer choice is another option.
  • You can also explore AI art generators that offer free trials, like, Synthesys X, Photosonic, etc.

VQ-VAE-2 can generate high-fidelity images even from a limited dataset, making it suitable for scenarios where data collection is challenging. The tool’s ability to generate diverse images with clear details is commendable. However, its training process can be time-consuming and computationally intensive. Yakov Livshits Generative AI tools can range in cost depending on the features you are looking for and whether you are using an open-source or proprietary platform. On the other hand, open source solutions are usually free of charge, but may require more technical expertise to set up or utilize than paid solutions.


Even non-technical users can build web apps without extensive programming knowledge by leveraging AI-driven low-code capabilities. TabNine is an AI coding tool that provides real-time code suggestions as you type in Yakov Livshits IDEs. Compatible across languages, it leverages your code history and patterns to enhance its proposals. While other AIs like ChatGPT can generate code, TabNine stands out for its specialized focus on coding tasks.

This has allowed musicians to explore different musical styles without having to invest time learning all the nuances of each genre. Generative AI is a cutting-edge technology that holds immense potential for businesses across industries. By enabling machines to generate fresh and innovative content, designs, and solutions, this advancement offers opportunities for groups seeking to gain a competitive edge.

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Generative AI exists because of the transformer.

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